Sun Rosier in Bartley sold en bloc for $271m

Deal in which owners are set to reap millions each comes months after one sells unit for just $1.92m – Annabeth Leow (The Straits Times, Sat 23, 2017)

If location is key in real estate, so is timing, as a former owner at Sun Rosier can attest – after he sold too early and missed a multimillion- dollar jackpot from the condominium’s collective sale this week.

That has got to hurt, but think of the lucky buyer who snapped up the 2,336 sq ft unit in April for $1.92 million and is now about to pocket an estimated $4.4 million – a remarkable profit of $2.48 million in five months, give or take some taxes.

The eye-watering good luck/bad luck tale is due to the bumper collective sale pulled off by the 78-unit estate off Bartley Road.

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